Floyd|Snider Celebrates 20 Years and Founder Dr. Teri A. Floyd

On February 2, 2017, Floyd|Snider staff joined with teaming partners, past and present clients, regulatory agency representatives, and former employees to celebrate two exciting milestones in the company’s history: our 20th anniversary, and Dr. Teri A. Floyd’s professional transition to Principal Emeritus status. We were honored to host nearly 200 guests at this spectacular event at the Washington Athletic Club’s Crystal Ballroom. Guests participated in creative art projects both for Dr. Floyd and the office to display, tasted local whiskeys with a knowledgeable vendor, and heard from some pivotal members of Floyd|Snider’s history and future. 

During the program, our emcee for the evening, Brad Jones of Gordon Thomas Honeywell, shared how he brought our founders, Dr. Floyd and Ms. Kate Snider, together for the first time. Ms. Elizabeth Leavitt, Director of Environmental Programs at the Port of Seattle, described her experience with Dr. Floyd and Ms. Snider on the South Harbor project and the encouragement she provided as they created a small firm that would bring together policy, science, and engineering in a way that she felt was truly unique at the time. After speeches from Ms. Snider and Dr. Floyd, Principals Ms. Jessi Massingale and Dr. Allison Geiselbrecht talked about the future of the company and how we as a firm will carry forward what the founders have built. This includes the unparalleled standard of quality that Dr. Floyd has set for technical expertise and, more importantly, the integrity that she has carried through every project and that our firm has come to embody. Ms. Karen Larkin of the City of Tacoma offered a story of how Ms. Snider and Dr. Floyd helped the City of Tacoma launch the environmental cleanup of the Thea Foss Waterway. Mr. Toby Murray of Murray Pacific Corporation gave some last remarks on Dr. Floyd’s work for his company over the years. After explaining how Dr. Floyd served as an expert witness in a trial related to Asarco slag at his site, he said, “Teri is just as responsible for our company being around as anyone I can think of.”

We were honored to celebrate these monumental occasions with the interwoven community of all of you who have made Floyd|Snider possible. Dr. Floyd will continue to have a role in our firm as Principal Emeritus, lending her expertise and providing advice and wisdom when needed. Our firm has done so much over the last 20 years, and we look forward to the next 20.