Environmental Policy & Permitting

Project Permitting   

We assist our clients in securing permits and agency approvals through multiple federal, state, and local processes and tribal authorities. Often our in-water construction work includes permitting under the Federal Clean Water Act, environmental impact evaluation under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), Endangered Species Act consultation, and cultural resource review under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. We also assist with local land use approvals including Shoreline Permits or exemptions, as well as federal and state permitting for in-water construction work, water quality protection, dredge material management with beneficial use or disposal, and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) construction stormwater management. We are also experienced in NPDES operational industrial permit coverage and compliance.

Multi-Party Facilitation   

We assist our clients with facilitation and project management support services for complex technical challenges and planning efforts. These services typically include facilitation of regular group meetings, documentation of meetings and action items, overview of environmental and land use regulations and programs, administration services, and preparation or assistance in the preparation of Work Group findings.

Agency and Stakeholder Work Group Facilitation   

These services include the facilitation of Work Group meetings to assist stakeholders in providing recommendations to meaningfully assist agencies in revisions to environmental frameworks, regulations, or permits. The combination of our technical knowledge on industry issues and our facilitation services assists our clients in meeting their goals for stakeholder outreach and Work Group desired outcomes.

Negotiation of Complex Regulatory Issues   

We assist our clients with agency and other party negotiations around complex technical and liability issues within the regulatory environment. These services are provided to support our normal project work, but we are also brought on as a strategy and negotiations team member for clients whom the environmental project components are being provided by another firm.

Complex Program Management and Scheduling   

We assist our clients with the development of complex multi-year project schedules and plans and provide project management services for complex multi-party projects. These services include the preparation of clear, well-documented project objectives, outcomes, and determinations of how various project components and technical issues will be addressed during the project duration. We work with project teams to complete complicated tasks such as diagramming specific processes and work required to meet objectives and produce desired outcomes; defining interrelationships and associated team structures for each identified process or work item; production of a detailed project schedule based on the diagramming; and designing and producing presentation materials.