Welch Creek Dredging Feasibility Evaluation, Plymouth, North Carolina

Welch Creek is a freshwater tributary and Superfund site in North Carolina  This dioxin-contaminated creek has naturally low dissolved-oxygen, organic rich and extremely soft sediments, and an active biological community that is sensitive to disturbance. Floyd|Snider assisted Weyerhaeuser with the design of a dredging pilot project and modeled associated potential dredge residual impacts for agency consideration. Floyd|Snider also designed a bench scale treatability study of dewatering options and resulting elutriate quality, and evaluated study results. Floyd|Snider also scaled up the bench-scale treatability results to estimate likely dewatering scenarios and associated costs for inclusion in the Welch Creek Feasibility Study.

Both the pilot project and the treatability study are critical to the evaluation of dredging feasibility given the site’s soft sediments, and will be used in the alternatives evaluation component of the Welch Creek Feasibility Study.


  • Dredge Pilot Project Design
  • Dredge Residual Modeling
  • Cost Estimate Preparation