PMSA/MTO Group Container Terminal AKART Study

In 2013, the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA) formed a Marine Terminal Operator (MTO) Group to bring together MTOs who operate the major container terminals in Washington State located in Seattle and Tacoma. The MTO Group was formed with the purpose of documenting experience with stormwater best management practices (BMPs). The group has worked together to define specific attributes of container terminal facilities, constraints and challenges applicable to stormwater management at container terminals, BMP applicability at container terminals, and experience with BMP effectiveness at these facilities.

Floyd|Snider was engaged by the PMSA to assist the MTO Group with professional engineering services and regulatory consultation associated with stormwater management under the Industrial Stormwater General Permit (ISGP) and to aggregate information provided by the MTO Group participants to prepare an AKART evaluation specific to container terminals. This resultant document will identify those BMPs and treatment technologies that are effective and reasonable for implementation at port-owned container terminals. The Container Terminal AKART Study proposes what BMPs, including treatment technologies, should be considered "all known, available, and reasonable methods of prevention, control, and treatment" (AKART) for stormwater management at container terminals and is being developed with the PMSA based on input from all container terminal operators in Seattle and Tacoma.

The PMSA Container Terminal AKART Study will ultimately be incorporated into a larger Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA) AKART study for marine terminals. The purpose of the WPPA study is to define a consistent protocol for Washington ports and their tenants to use to achieve greater improvements in stormwater discharge quality and compliance with the ISGP while providing greater predictability for terminal operators and more economic certainty regarding implementation costs. The goal of the WPPA study is development of an ISGP Implementation Manual for Washington Marine Cargo Facilities.

The ultimate goal of both the PMSA AKART study and the WPPA AKART study is coordinated development of a stormwater BMP guidance document as a resource for terminal operators. This will support consistent implementation of aggressive operational and structural source control BMPs and stormwater treatment BMPs; which will both improve water quality and support economic viability by improving predictability of the stormwater regulatory environment for marine terminals.

Photograph below: Don Wilson/Port of Seattle


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