Jessi Massingale, PE


Jessi Massingale is a professional civil/environmental engineer and oceanographer with investigation, strategy, and permitting and regulatory compliance expertise for marine/freshwater and upland remediation and redevelopment projects. Jessi has applied her expertise to projects that include sediment remedial design evaluation and cap modeling, environmental and civil engineering design, water quality monitoring, remedial investigations and feasibility studies, the assembly of conceptual and design-level cost estimates, and agency negotiations and permitting. Jessi has a strong knowledge of coastal processes and their relationship to nearshore chemical and biological conditions. Jessi is experienced also with environmental chemistry and related microbial processes, water quality, and chemical analyses, using a wide array of laboratory analytical tools and methods.

Jessi is experienced in uplands and sediment field data collection, data analysis and interpretation. Jessi has applied this experience to a number of sediment and upland-based habitat restoration, environmental contamination, source control, and research projects. Jessi has planned and implemented sediment investigations in fresh water and marine locations in Washington and Oregon, reported the results, and assisted clients in negotiating the outcomes with Washington State Department of Ecology, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and various Trustee groups. Jessi has an exceptionally strong reputation and close working relationship with these agencies in negotiating permit requirements, as well. Jessi holds a graduate degree (MS) in Civil and Environmental Engineering and undergraduate degrees in Oceanography and Zoology from the University of Washington.