Lisa Meoli, MA

Environmental Historian

Lisa Meoli is an environmental historian with 18 years of experience providing technical support in historical and litigation research, cultural resource management, and environmental investigation. Lisa has conducted a diverse range of historical research projects, including local site histories, historic land use, corporate and environmental history of industrial facilities, corporate ownership changes, and operational and production history of industrial facilities. Lisa also has completed several projects involving potentially responsible party (PRP) identification for contaminated sites and due diligence assessments. Lisa has conducted extensive archaeological survey and excavation projects for public and private companies in collaboration with federal and tribal governments in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. She holds a master's in Environmental History.

Lisa is also an environmental scientist and provides technical support related to project management, environmental regulations, and investigations. Lisa has extensive experience on projects involving environmental contamination and remediation, due diligence assessments, and environmental compliance. She has performed numerous upland soil and groundwater investigations and has extensive experience in all aspects of environmental drilling and sampling, as well as construction oversight for remedy implementation.