Gabriel Cisneros, LG


Gabriel Cisneros has more than 15 years of experience as a registered geologist. He provides support in various phases of environmental assessments, site investigations, soil vapor assessments, remedial investigations/feasibility studies (RI/FSs), engineering evaluation and cost analysis reports with the National Park Service, and cleanup action plans (CAPs). Gabriel has extensive experience with Washington State Department of Ecology's Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) applied to upland soil, groundwater, and soil vapor.

Gabriel has experience in evaluating data gaps; reviewing soil, groundwater, and vapor data; conducting vapor intrusion assessments; calculating MTCA Method B and C cleanup levels for total petroleum hydrocarbons; running Johnson and Ettinger models to predict soil vapor risk to indoor air; developing site assessment activities; and writing work plans, RI/FS reports, and CAPs. Gabriel has extensive technical experience managing field work that consists of groundwater monitoring, groundwater well installation, soil borings (geoprobe, hollow-stem auger, sonic, and mud rotary), aquifer testing, contractor oversight, installation and operation and maintenance of multiphase extraction systems and air-sparge systems, and conducting remediation activities via excavation. He has been successful in obtaining No Further Action determinations with multiple former Chevron retail and bulk terminal sites. Gabriel has also provided soil management support for large-scale redevelopment projects in the Pacific Northwest that include excavation of soil with multiple contaminants including chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, dioxins/furans, and metals.

Gabriel holds a graduate degree (MS) in Structural Geology from the University of Washington and an undergraduate degree (BS) in Geology/Geophysics from the University of Arizona.