Layni Wachter, EIT

Environmental Engineer

Layni Wachter is an environmental engineer experienced in construction oversight and management assistance on projects involving upland and in-water remediation/restoration. Layni has been involved in the coordination, scheduling, and quality control of construction activities including excavation, grading, compacting, trenching, sheet pile installation, dewatering, and revegetation. Through her previous work, Layni has gained expertise in balancing the schedule demands of a project with subcontractor, material, and crew availability; working under design specifications and making in-field design changes due to unforeseen circumstances; designing systems to track costs and quality control through different phases of the project; interfacing with clients, consultants, and contractors; and complying with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits and regulatory agency requirements. Layni holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Applied Ecology from the University of Colorado, Boulder.