Pamela Osterhout, GIT


Pamela Osterhout is a geologist with experience as a treatment technician and a field assistant. She is experienced in stormwater treatment, including chitosan and carbon dioxide technologies. She has broad field experience including stream, landslide, and hillslope surveying; identifying rule-identify landforms both remotely and in the field; collecting and describing core samples by hand auger, push probe, vibracore, and sonic drilling methods; and provenance determination for the Puget Sound region. In the past, she has assisted in the field collecting samples, sieving, and observing and recording Mount St. Helens pyroclastic density flow deposits from the May 18, 1980, eruption in Washington State. During that time Pamela analyzed grain composition and size distribution and published work on the subject. Pamela holds a master’s in Applied Geology and an undergraduate degree in Geology and Mathematics, both from the University of Washington.