Ryan Crotty

Environmental Planner

Ryan Crotty is an environmental/land use planner experienced in providing professional planning and permitting services to a variety of public and private sector clients, primarily in Washington and Oregon. Ryan has specialized in environmental documentation and compliance (SEPA, NEPA, and SMA), development review applications and project management, site feasibility analysis, regulatory code audits and updates (municipal codes, critical areas ordinances, shoreline master programs, and comprehensive plans), and development review for public agencies. Ryan is experienced in land use and environmental permitting as well as navigating complex local, state, and federal regulations; he uses these skills to work with project teams to ensure compliance with applicable regulations, develop permit applications, and expedite permit application review. His experience includes preparing a wide variety of permit applications including, but not limited to, local land use applications, SEPA and NEPA documentation, and shoreline permits (programmatic, shoreline substantial development, conditional use, and variance). Ryan holds an undergraduate degree (BA) in Urban Planning and Sustainable Development from Western Washington University.