Brett Beaulieu, LHG

Hydrogeologist / Geochemist

Brett Beaulieu is a licensed hydrogeologist, applied environmental geochemist, and project manager who provides contaminant fate and transport, remedial evaluation and design, and regulatory compliance expertise for uplands and marine sites. His experience includes designing and implementing in-situ remediation treatment for arsenic in groundwater; developing, implementing and evaluating hydrogeologic and geochemical pre-design studies and providing hydrogeologic and geochemical modeling analysis; developing investigation and remediation work plans and budgets; assessing client data needs and managing data acquisition, reporting, and regulatory compliance; preparing remedial investigation, feasibility study, remedial design, and other technical documents; and overseeing remedy implementation and construction.

Brett has developed substantial expertise in arsenic and metals geochemistry and fate and transport based on his investigation, modeling, research, and remediation experience. Brett is also experienced at providing client-tailored technical and historical research in support of strategic decision-making and litigation.  Brett holds a masters degree in geology from Vanderbilt University.