Neal Hines, PE, PhD

Senior Environmental Engineer

Dr. Neal Hines is a Professional Engineer (PE) with expertise in assessment and remediation (sediment, soil, water, air, and fish), permitting (NPDES, SEPA, NEPA, and EIS), land use planning, state and federal regulations (MTCA, Superfund, and RCRA), and predicting the behavior of water and chemicals in the environment. His experience has included site characterization and remedial investigations at 10 CERCLA sites nationwide, oversight at 12 RCRA sites in Washington state, SEPA and NEPA authorship and lead review, aquatic equilibrium modeling, geochemical modeling, contaminant mass balances, human and ecological exposure assessments, hydrology, drinking water assessments, and statistical analysis in support of risk-based remedy evaluations and design. Dr. Hines provides lead expertise in geotechnical and geophysical studies to assess subsidence hazards using GIS-based approaches. He is also a volunteer Commissioner with the City of Bellevue’s Environmental Services Commission.

Neal has authored peer-reviewed scientific papers and is an expert on a variety of environmental engineering and water chemistry topics. He holds a doctorate from the University of Minnesota Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering and an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Grinnell College.