Sabine Datum, LG


Sabine Datum, LG, is a licensed geologist with 10 years of experience. Sabine is highly skilled in planning, managing, and performing field investigations for upland and sediment sites. She has managed large field teams and subcontractors and is well versed in a variety of drilling methods and field sampling techniques for soil, sediment, stormwater, and groundwater. Sabine is experienced in project and task management, including schedule, budget, and staffing projections, and proposal writing. She has assisted clients as part of an expert team on cost allocation and litigation projects for several large Superfund Sites such as the Lower Duwamish River, Portland Harbor, and Passaic River. Sabine’s expertise includes management of laboratory analysis, data validation, and analysis of complex environmental data including interpretation of forensic contaminant profiling and fingerprinting for source identification. She has experience in researching contaminant sources and their nexus to historical site operations to identify potentially responsible parties for large litigation projects.

Sabine holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology with a double major in Economics from the University of Washington.