Adia Jumper, PE

Environmental Engineer

BS, Civil Engineering, University of Kentucky, 2018

Professional Engineer, Washington

Joined Floyd|Snider: 2018

Adia Jumper is an Environmental Engineer with experience in providing technical support in field investigations and RI/FSs including soil, groundwater, and soil vapor sampling. Adia also plays a key role in stormwater compliance projects with industrial clients through data tracking, data analysis, and task management. She is an asset to her teams with her ability to conduct comprehensive site analysis through review of historical reports, research, and programs such as CORMIX.

Professional Strengths

Skillfully tracks and analyzes data

Able to quickly identify, improve, and develop processes to maximize efficiency

Conducts field investigations and compliance monitoring of soil, groundwater, and soil vapor

Supports facilities with stormwater compliance and agency relations

Tracks complex submittal schedules and compliance deadlines

Conducts research for better understanding of facility background and planning