Christy Heaton

GIS Analyst

MGIS, Geographic Information Systems, University of Washington, 2014
Certification in Geographic Information Systems, University of Utah, 2009

Joined Floyd|Snider: 2018

Christy Heaton is a GIS Analyst with an extensive background in the public and private sectors and education. She has been the lead GIS analyst on several Floyd|Snider projects including the Western Port Angeles Harbor Site, Port of Seattle Terminal-108, the AMEC/KC/ENR Pilot Study, and the City of Bothell Ultra Custom Care Cleaners and Lot P-South Sites. Prior to joining Floyd|Snider, Christy taught GIS at the master’s level at the University of Castellon (Castellon, Spain) and the University of Washington (Seattle, Washington). She has held leadership positions in PyLadies Seattle and Maptime Seattle, community organizations that promote adoption of open source technology.

Professional Strengths

Ability to automate complex data processing for quick and accurate mapping

Keen understanding of the intricacies of working with and manipulating geospatial data

Eagerness to learn new tools and techniques and explain their use to others

Skilled presenter who teaches complex mapping workflows at local and international conferences

Genuine interest in understanding a project’s unique needs and using maps to tell an intriguing and accurate story