Floyd|Snider provides comprehensive consultation services to assist clients in defining and achieving project goals for contaminated upland and aquatic properties. Click here for details on services and project experience. We believe in building relationships with our clients, teaming partners, and regulators that are based on technical proficiency, resourceful problem-solving, engineering and design expertise, and strategic implementation. We proudly serve clients in all sectors of our communities: ports, municipalities, industries, developers, contractors, and government agencies.

Floyd|Snider has chosen to become a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC) in the state of Washington and a Certified B Corporation ®. In 2017, Floyd|Snider became the first Certified B Corporation® environmental consulting firm in the United States. As a Certified B Corp, we do our work and manage our business in a way that provides benefit to our communities and environment, as well as to our shareholders. To learn more about us, our business approach, our individual staff, and the way we build specialized teams, click here.

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