Historical Research and Liability Analysis Services

In-depth historical research to evaluate ownership and manufacturing history
Identification of potential responsible parties
Environmental Reserves (GASB 42)
Fate and transport analysis and modeling
Remedy development based on historical site use
Recommended cost allocations

We offer in-depth historical research, analysis, and interpretation to support a diverse range of historical research projects, including focused, local and regional site histories; corporate and environmental history of industrial facilities; operational and production history of industrial facilities; and all phases of site assessment and cleanup allocation.

The combination of informed research and technical expertise results in a clear presentation of information and defensible recommendations for client teams and collaborating attorneys. Often these materials advance to negotiations with agency representatives and other parties, including participation in formal allocations.

Our team of historians, librarians, chemists and engineers evaluate the history of land ownership; determine past site use; and assess historical operations, waste handling and disposal practices, chemical processes, and fate and transport. Historical research provides strong lines of evidence regarding historical industrial processes, potential sources of contamination, relative contributions, and identification of potential responsible parties at contaminated sites.

What sets us apart

Customized end-user applications that ensure data are accessible to clients and attorneys
Expertise in high-stakes allocation support, drawing upon technical proficiency
Strong data visualization to support key findings
Complex data management and creation of document repositories
Qualified team of historians supplemented by our staff of environmental scientists and engineers
Applied research findings for list of targeted analytes and areas of investigation, and complex emerging contaminants such as PFAS and PFOA
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Floyd|Snider brings a combination of technical skill and practicality to the table. For simple matters, they know how to keep it simple. When things get more complex, they do whatever is needed to finish what they start. Their relationships with the regulatory community are built on mutual trust and respect and that pays off for the clients we serve together.

Bill Joyce, Member, Joyce Ziker Partners PLLC