Environmental Planning and Permitting Services

SEPA reviews: exemptions, checklists, and EISs
Comprehensive JARPA submittals for in-water permitting
Shoreline consistency analyses
Endangered Species Act and Section 106 consultation in coordination with subconsultants
Water quality protection plans and development of other plans resulting from regulatory processes
Local jurisdiction land use, building, grading, and stormwater permitting

We offer comprehensive environmental planning and permitting for projects of all sizes and scopes, with support in strategically and efficiently navigating the regulatory landscape to best meet project objectives.

We thrive most with complex and stakeholder-involved projects at the water’s edge.

Our environmental planners work in direct coordination with public and private client teams, often as part of a larger interdisciplinary team, with engineering, natural resources, and cultural resources teaming partners that are best suited to the project area’s environment.

What sets us apart

Expertise in evaluating environmental regulations at the federal, state, and local level
Tailored permitting strategies to accommodate client objectives and site context
Thoughtful regulatory negotiations starting with pre-application coordination
Established working relationships with regulatory agency and tribal personnel
Permitting schedule development in coordination with project delivery milestones
Right-sized environmental reviews and close coordination with design team
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I really appreciate how the Floyd|Snider team works – you are all smart, efficient, nimble, responsive, creative problem-solvers that are fun to work with.

Matt Harding, Environmental Project Manager, Port of Vancouver