Celebration of the Zone A Drum Removal at the Pasco Landfill

Site workers supervise the move of the temporary structure into a new excavation position. The inset is taken from inside the structure during excavation and shows a sidewall of the stacked drums.

After more than 30 years of environmental study and remedial actions, the cleanup of the Pasco Landfill Superfund Site reached a major milestone this year with the removal of more than 35,000 drums of waste from the Zone A industrial waste area of the closed landfill. Removal began in the fall of 2020 and was completed in June 2022. The drummed waste was excavated, characterized, segregated by waste type, and then safely transported offsite for disposal at permitted facilities. General contractor ENTACT completed the removal action with over 100,000 safe labor hours. Floyd|Snider led the preparation of the Engineering Design Report, in coordination with PBS Engineering and Environmental, and also supported the PLP group sponsoring the cleanup by serving as the owner’s representative and overall project coordinator. Contaminated soil at Zone A that was not taken offsite for disposal will undergo in-place thermal treatment to destroy a variety of organic compounds. Floyd|Snider is proud to be part of an amazing team, including the PLP group, ENTACT, PBS, and Ecology, that successfully completed this work. Next up: in situ thermal treatment design!

You can learn more about this project on Ecology’s website (linked here) and see images of the cleanup here.