Community and Change Building with Other B Corps!

Floyd|Snider is constantly working to become a better company—doing good for the world, our communities, and our employees. We have recently taken steps to further our dedication to our employees and communities through two inspiring conferences. Kate Snider was recently asked to participate in a summit in New York City, bringing together leaders from employee-owned benefit corporations across the nation. The goal of the meeting was “building a movement to grow mission-oriented employee-owned firms.” We are proud to be 1 of approximately 53 employee-owned benefit corporations in the U.S. Learn more about the convening here and here.

Kate and shareholder Kristen Legg recently traveled to Portland for the annual Pacific Northwest B Corp Leadership Development conference. The theme for this event was “Building the B Ecosystem,” where ideas around shared values and working toward inclusivity were explored. Local B Corps were highlighted throughout the event, focusing on creating a truly collaborative and equitable work culture, sustainability, and our responsibility to the world as a B Corp.