Floyd|Snider Awarded Capitol Lake/Lower Deschutes Watershed Long-Term Management EIS

n June, the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services selected Floyd|Snider to lead Phase 2 of the Capitol Lake/Lower Deschutes Watershed Long-Term Management Project. Floyd|Snider will work with an interdisciplinary team to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that documents probable environmental impacts, reasonable alternatives for long-term management of the resource, and mitigation measures that would avoid or minimize adverse impacts or enhance environmental quality.

Tessa Gardner-Brown of Floyd|Snider will serve as Project Manager for the work, working closely with Jessi Massingale, who will lead agency and tribal coordination efforts. ESA will serve as the EIS lead; EnviroIssues will manage public outreach; Moffatt & Nichol will lead conceptual design and hydrodynamic and sediment transport modeling; and Herrera will conduct the geomorphic assessment, as well as water resources and invasive species analysis. The Floyd|Snider Team is supplemented by a variety of additional specialty firms, with technical expertise ranging from economic to transportation analyses.

Scoping for the EIS is planned to begin in late September 2018. EIS scoping is a formal process to solicit comments that will help to determine the range of alternatives, impacts, and potential mitigation measures to be evaluated in the EIS. Long-term management planning for the Capitol Lake/Lower Deschutes Watershed has been ongoing for 30 years. The EIS is intended to identify a preferred alternative for long-term management.