Floyd|Snider Celebrates Project Milestone for Port of Port Angeles K-Ply Site

Cleanup and redevelopment of the K-Ply site

The Port of Port Angeles has recently announced that it will be moving forward with redevelopment of the K-Ply Site, a MTCA cleanup site at a former plywood mill located in Port Angeles Harbor.

Floyd|Snider has supported the Port with the cleanup and redevelopment of the K Ply Site and the adjacent Marine Trades Area (MTA) Site, since the early 2000s. The K-Ply Site was contaminated by petroleum during plywood mill operations and from fuel pipelines that historically ran beneath the site. Floyd|Snider assisted the Port to complete site characterization and cleanup under Ecology oversight, utilizing Ecology Remedial Action Grant funding. Cleanup construction for the Site was completed in early 2016.

The Port’s ultimate vision for the redevelopment of the K-Ply Site involves transforming this area into a Marine Trade Center. This redevelopment initiative aims to not only remediate environmental concerns but also stimulate economic growth by creating jobs for the local community. The Marine Trade Center is intended to serve the maritime industry, contributing to the overall development of the region.

The Washington Public Ports Association published an article in February 2024 offering insights and updates on the progress and transformation of these sites into a thriving Marine Trade Center.