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Floyd|Snider Fitness Program Provides Community Building and Wellness

Part of Floyd|Snider’s mission as a certified B Corporation is to provide our employees with opportunities to improve—both in their career and personally. We are proud to work with MassageFit Solutions every week, providing weekly workout sessions (adult recess!) and onsite massages to our staff. We have enjoyed circuit training, yoga, and outdoor fitness challenges for the past year, and everyone involved has great things to say! “The classes are a great way to rejuvenate and reset for the rest of the week.” “The instructors are really knowledgeable about a range of fitness topics and always tailor the class to the goals of the participants.” “I leave my massage feeling relaxed and invigorated!” We highly recommend MassageFit Solutions for any organization looking to expand their employee wellness program. Check it out here—the video on the website features several Floyd|Snider employees!

Floyd|Snider staff members Kristen Legg and Gabe Cisneros have also volunteered with The Duncan Connection, a non-profit organization run by MassageFit’s creator, Tiana Duncan. Kristen, a former professional dancer and choreographer, has taught multiple introductory dance classes to the group, bringing new styles of movement and artistry to people who may not have had access to dance training in the past. Gabe volunteered as an instructor with The Duncan Connection and Vertical Generations for a night of bouldering, pizza, and fun! The Duncan Connection provides low-cost fitness classes, wellness resources, and water safety education for all ages regardless of background.