Office Happenings

Floyd|Snider Staff Volunteer in the Community

Floyd|Snider staff recently joined Northwest Harvest at the Cherry Street Food Bank to help provide food to our Seattle neighbors. Through its network of 375 food banks, meal programs, and high-needs schools throughout Washington, Northwest Harvest provides 2 million meals each month; these meals are provided freely to anyone in need, with a focus on respecting their dignity while providing nutritious food. At the Cherry Street Food Bank, a few blocks from Floyd|Snider’s offices, we spent a morning sorting fresh vegetables, packaging dry goods, and distributing fresh food and bag lunches to more than 500 clients. We found the work rewarding and look forward to future volunteer opportunities with Northwest Harvest. Floyd|Snider is proud to offer our employees an extra week of paid leave each year to use in service to the community, which is just one of the ways Floyd|Snider fulfills our commitment to being a benefit corporation. Learn more about our volunteers in our 2019 Annual Report.