Office Happenings

Floyd|Snider Welcomes New Staff

From left to right: Dan Hennessy, Ray Outlaw, Siddhartha Vaidyanathan

We are excited to welcome three new staff to our firm. Each brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to enhance the services we provide.

Dan Hennessy (left) is a senior environmental scientist who has led and supported a wide range of environmental assessment and restoration projects for over 25 years. His areas of expertise include developing conceptual site models and study designs, performing risk assessments, and applying interpretative criteria for decision making. His breadth of sediment knowledge, especially around aquatic toxicology, bioavailability and porewater sampling, and bioaccumulation, dovetails well with Floyd|Snider’s portfolio of in-water and shoreline work. Dan’s range of experience allows him to support and lead teams to develop practical approaches to assessing the effects of environmental stressors; inform resource, risk, and compliance management decisions; and develop and communicate a viable range of alternatives. Dan looks forward to the collaborative team-based approach at Floyd|Snider.

Ray Outlaw (middle) is a Senior Engagement and Environmental Planner with a strong background in environmental review, documentation, and community engagement. He has supported numerous complex NEPA and SEPA processes for thousands of miles of interstate transmission line and multiple transportation and natural resource projects, including the Capitol Lake – Deschutes Estuary Long-Term Management Project Environmental Impact Statement, Gateway West and Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Lines, and the I-5 Corridor Reinforcement. Ray brings a comprehensive understanding of environmental regulations and requirements, particularly related to when and how to engage stakeholders. He is excited by the opportunity to integrate into our technical work and to leverage his creativity and resourcefulness to facilitate productive engagement between clients and communities to find and achieve shared project goals.

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan (right) is a Technical Editor who draws on his background in engineering and journalism to review technical documents for accuracy, style, and consistency. Siddhartha has worked closely with academics specializing in the field of strategy, and has extensive experience as a copy editor and proofreader in business, finance, and marketing. He has helped clients rework and polish book manuscripts, research papers, and op-eds, and played the role of a valuable editorial partner throughout the course of their writing projects. Siddhartha’s debut novel ‘What’s Wrong With You, Karthik?’ was shortlisted for the Restless Book Prize for New Immigrant Writing. He is also a popular cricket writer and podcaster, and has been shortlisted for multiple journalism awards.