Construction Completion for Time Oil Facility

Former Time Oil Seattle Terminals Site

Associate Principal Lynn Grochala and the project team have reached a milestone at the Former Time Oil Seattle Terminals Site, an 11-acre former bulk fuel facility situated on the shoreline of Salmon Bay in Seattle, Washington. Floyd|Snider was originally retained by the Cantera Development Group, a prospective purchaser of the property, to complete supplemental remedial investigation activities and to develop a supplemental Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study and draft Cleanup Action Plan for the site for due diligence, and to support a Prospective Purchaser Consent Decree with the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology). These documents and supporting work plans were completed in a significantly compressed time frame and TOC Seattle Terminal, LLC, acquired the property in November 2020. Building demolition and abatement activities were completed in the second quarter of 2021 and the Engineering Design Report authored by Crete Consulting, Inc., was approved by Ecology in late June 2021. Cleanup action construction commenced in July 2021 and was recently completed in December 2021 to address the remaining soil and groundwater contamination. This work included excavating contaminated soil, in-place treatment to encapsulate soils contaminated with liquid petroleum or chlorinated solvents, and in situ treatment of contaminated groundwater.

Now that the cleanup action construction is complete, the four parcels are ready for redevelopment. Final components on the cleanup, such as placement of a protective cap over parts of the property and groundwater monitoring, will be completed concurrent with redevelopment. Architectural design drawings for industrial flex and office buildings for the south parcels are currently being developed, with groundbreaking estimated for mid-2023.

Congratulations to the team for completion of this large-scale project.