F|S Assists in Terminal 10 Development!

Floyd|Snider has just completed a project assisting the Port of Seattle (Port) and their civil T10 predesign consultants with permitting, environmental constraints, and agency negotiation support for the Terminal 10 (T-10) utility development project! T-10, on Harbor Island in Seattle, Washington, is a former Superfund site, and spans both uplands and in-water operable units of the Harbor Island Superfund site. To assist the Port, Floyd|Snider directed multiple-agency stakeholder negotiations for stormwater upgrades including key negotiations with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) for the design and location of the new outfall structure that would provide the required function, while meeting USEPA requests for minimization of visibility and disturbance to the shoreline. Floyd|Snider also negotiated USEPA approval of methods for contaminated soil handling and disposal that met USEPA’s needs, while minimizing the Port’s requirement for field screening, soil segregation, and off-site disposal of contaminated media. The T-10 construction project was successfully completed in November 2011!