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Local High School Student Job Shadows Environmental Engineer at Floyd|Snider

From left to right: Layni Wachter, PE; Adia Jumper, EIT; Quan; Manique Talaia-Murray, LG; and Claudia De La Via

A local high school junior who is also participating in the Running Start program at Green River College, is getting a chance to understand the working life of an environmental engineer. Quan joined Adia Jumper, EIT, for a day of job shadowing, which included a site visit to Vigor Shipyards to perform a daily inspection of a new habitat area being developed to settle NRD requirements. As they toured the site, Adia shared information on how our internal and external teaming structure helps meet project needs for our clients and the roles our subconsultants perform on this project. Back at the office, Quan learned about groundwater, soil, and vapor sampling, toured our field room, and met with other Floyd|Snider staff to learn about their paths toward careers in environmental engineering and consulting. We look forward to continuing to build connections with future environmental professionals and fostering excitement about STEM!