Port of Tacoma Pier 4 Reconfiguration Project Wins COPRI Project Excellence Award

Floyd|Snider wishes to congratulate the Port of Tacoma on the recognition they recently received for their Pier 4 Reconfiguration Project. The American Society of Civil Engineers’ Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI) awarded the 2021 Project Excellence Award to the Port for the Pier 4 Reconfiguration Project. The award recognizes significant achievements through design or construction concepts, use of new or existing analytical techniques or technology, adaptive reuse of existing features or infrastructure, and methods or innovations that minimize environmental impacts. KPFF Special Projects led the engineering design and nominated the project for this award. Floyd|Snider was the environmental consultant on the project and led agency coordination and permitting, working in close coordination with KPFF and the Port team. Learn more about our work on the project here.