Smith-Kem Site Receives Ecology Approval for RI/FS

Floyd|Snider recently reached a milestone for their client at the Smith-Kem Site in Ellensburg, Washington, with final Ecology acceptance of the draft Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study report. Led by Erin Murray and Allison Geiselbrecht, our team of scientists, engineers, geologists, and historians worked tirelessly to bring this phase of the project to completion. Floyd|Snider is working with the client and other potentially liable parties (PLPs) to clean up a former bulk fuel and agricultural products facility, with the facility now leased to a fertilizer blending and pesticide storage company. The PLPs are responsible for cleanup of petroleum hydrocarbons, nitrates, ammonia, chlorinated pesticides and herbicides, and dioxins/furans. The selected remedy for the site involves excavation of contaminated soil, installation of a geosynthetic clay layer to protect groundwater, in situ groundwater treatment, institutional controls, and monitored natural attenuation. The team is starting work on the draft Cleanup Action Plan next, with pre-design field work presumed to begin late this summer. The pre-design sampling will refine the remedy extent and will be detailed in the Engineering Design Report, anticipated in 2023.