Ainsley McCullough

GIS Specialist

MS, Geospatial Technologies, University of Washington Tacoma, 2020
BA, Environmental Sustainability, University of Washington Tacoma, 2019
Certificate in GIS, University of Washington Tacoma, 2019

Joined Floyd|Snider: 2022

Ainsley McCullough is a GIS Specialist with expertise in performing spatial analysis and creating visualizations on a wide range of complex datasets. She is skilled in producing mapping products using web-based applications and GIS software. She has previous experience in developing and implementing participatory mapping projects and data collection tools, as well as corporate carbon accounting and community engagement. She views her work through an equity lens with a passion for projects involving sustainability and community impact.

Professional Strengths

Efficiently coordinating deliverables for multiple projects with competing priorities

Skilled in creating clear and effective visual communications considering multiple perspectives to aid decision making

Ability to find unconventional solutions through creative problem solving and design thinking

Quickly adapting to keep projects up to speed with the changing technical landscape

Georeferencing and digitizing a variety of data types