Danielle Gallaher, EIT

Environmental Engineer

BS, Environmental Engineering, Northern Arizona University, 2020

Joined Floyd|Snider: 2023

Danielle Gallaher is an Environmental Engineer with experience in treatment system operation and maintenance, groundwater sampling, and soil vapor monitoring. She is skilled at repairing and modifying various components of treatment systems including soil vapor extraction (SVE) and groundwater remediation systems (GRS) using air stripping, granular activated carbon (GAC), and Trojan Ultraviolet (UV) Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) reactors. Danielle also has experience with construction and drilling oversight, specifically relating to remediation system design upgrades and the installation of a permeable reactive barrier (PRB) . Her work has also included health and safety audits, data compilation, and ensuring permit compliance.

Professional Strengths

Knowledge of treatment system optimization and repair

Passionate about the environmental industry

Strong communication and documentation skills when working with internal teams and/or contractors

Extensive coordination and cross training with hydrogeology teams conducting sampling events