Erin Murray

Senior Environmental Scientist

BA, Environmental Geography and Natural Resource Management, Western Washington University, 2001

Joined Floyd|Snider: 2003

Erin Murray is a Senior Environmental Scientist at Floyd|Snider providing project management and technical support in environmental investigation and regulatory compliance for sediment, groundwater, and soil environmental cleanup sites and redevelopment projects under MTCA, CERCLA, and RCRA. This experience working on a wide variety of complex projects as a scientist has given Erin a thorough understanding of environmental cleanup and redevelopment projects, and she uses this expertise on the Floyd|Snider permitting team to put together complete permit applications for a wide range of federal, state, and local permits.

Professional Strengths

Strong communication skills and ability to convey complex design concepts in permit applications and highlight key points in regulatory negotiations

Detail oriented and organized leading to successful project management, while offering technical and strategic support as needed for successful project completion

Effective at implementing strategic SAP/QAPPs, while achieving data quality objectives under budget

Extensive experience leading sediment, groundwater, and soil sampling programs at sites impacted by various chemicals of concern

Proficient in environmental cleanup and redevelopment projects under CERCLA, MTCA, and SMS and dredged material evaluation and disposal under DMMP and PSET