Tiffany Volosin

Chief Financial Officer

BS, Accounting and Business Management, University of Puget Sound, 1995

Notary Public

Joined Floyd|Snider: 2004

Tiffany Volosin is the Chief Financial Officer at Floyd|Snider, functioning as a key member of the executive management team. She works with the Principals to guide the firm’s growth and long-term business strategies, risk management, hiring, benefits, investments, and operations.

Professional Strengths

Ability to see a clear correlation between operations and financial performance in virtually any industry, which has been beneficial for the seamless growth of Floyd|Snider and for the non-profit boards Tiffany has served on over the years

A rare attitude that accounting information is interesting and fun, translating to the desire and ability to relay the information to any audience in an easily digestible way

Thorough enjoyment of the complex challenges that come with building financial systems, improving operational efficiency, and developing great teams

Committed to forever learning the endless aspects of finance, accounting, and human resources

Evaluating costs versus benefits in all aspects of Floyd|Snider’s business operations, which also carries forward into better efficiencies to our clients

Development of long-term strategy, including ownership transition plans, researching benefit and retirement options, and keeping up to date with changing workforces