Floyd|Snider Celebrates 20 Years and Founder Dr. Teri A. Floyd

Earlier this year, Floyd|Snider staff joined with teaming partners, past and present clients, regulatory agency representatives, and former employees to celebrate two exciting milestones in the company’s history: our 20th anniversary, and Dr. Teri A. Floyd’s professional transition to Principal Emeritus status. Guests participated in creative art projects both for Dr. Floyd and the office to display, tasted local whiskeys with a knowledgeable vendor, and heard from some pivotal members of Floyd|Snider’s history and future. A slideshow of images from the event can be viewed here. Dr. Floyd will continue to have a role in our firm as Principal Emeritus, lending her expertise and providing advice and wisdom when needed. Our firm has done so much over the last 20 years, and we look forward to the next 20.