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Floyd|Snider Staff Volunteers in Commencement Bay

Kim collecting mussel cages at the Port of Tacoma

We are proud of the volunteer work that Kim Mahoney does with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Stormwater Action Monitoring (SAM) Mussel Monitoring Survey. Kim joined Floyd|Snider in early 2022 as an Environmental Planner. Recently, Kim deployed and retrieved mussels cages at the Port of Tacoma for data collection from tissue samples that will be used to understand local benthic conditions. Kim’s efforts contribute to ongoing research that aims to understand the relationship between nearshore impervious surface coverages and organic contaminants and metals in the aquatic environment, as well as the need for focused stormwater management solutions. Being connected with her community and advancing this evolving science help Kim think critically and strategically in her role to avoid and minimize impacts of nearshore development while still advocating for development permits in environmentally sensitive areas.